Table of Chapters


Unsteady OrthodoxiesInadequacy of Established Institutions, Identifying the Power Vacuums That Will Result In Change
1The Pitfalls of Micro-Specialization In Mass Societies
2The Obsolescence of Conventional Military Operations
3The Obsoletion of Nation States: What Inevitably Fills the Void?
4Best Possible Persons

Natural SystemsAxioms of Social Mechanics
1The Nobility of Savagery
2The Arbitrary Nature of Nature
3Sculpting Nature and Societies

Principles of Social Mechanisms
1Reforming Ant Society, The Reality Show: Team 1, PART I
2Reforming Ant Society: The Reality Show: Team 2,  PART II
3Innovation as Exception the Rules

Axioms of AccumulationWhat is a price? What does it mean to make a purchase? Why should one acquire a possession? What possessions are worth acquiring?
1The Absolute Value of Material Goods
2The Hidden Costs of Material Possessions
3Poverty Is Expensive

Re-Evaluating the SoulUnderstanding A Self Apart From the Teaching of the Mass Society
1Photography, Transience, MemoriesWhat perception is factual?
2Wine Tasting, Empiricism, and PerceptionDo our senses ‘lie’ to us?
3Driving Lessons For the Vehicle of Consciousness

Re-evaluating Knowledge

Becoming A Lawbreaker
Exploiting Loopholes in the Economic Laws That Keep Us Contained
1Social Participation Tax
2The Illusion of “Higher Standards” of Living
3Breaking The Iron Law, A Game of Social Arbitrage
4Breaking The Iron Law, Developing Public Resources
5The Dark StateLawbreaking Expands Into A New State With A New Law

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  1. What happened to your other website, “”? It seems to have disappeared.

      • It’s worse than I thought. My domain renewal didn’t go through. Ad companies keep track of visited domains and snatch them up as soon as they become available. I’ve pretty much lost my old URL.

  2. Yikes! I’m sorry to hear that. That was a great site you had. It would be a shame to lose such a beacon of insight.

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