Table of Contents(By Category)

Social Trends

Longevity OUtliers: People to Watch

Why Unrest Will Continue To Grow in Industrialized Nations

What Pets Tell Us

The First Generation

Best Possible Persons

The Obsoletion of Nation States and Family: What Inevitably Fills The Void?

The Pitfalls of Micro-Specialization In Mass Societies

Anonymous and Occupy: the Emergence of Counter-Corporations

Why Tent Cities Won’t Go Away


How The Middle Class Used To Be Affordable

‘Socialism’ is Inevitable In 1st World Societies

We Are Allowed To Exist Only So Long As We Are Useful

The Pitfalls of Home Ownership

Implicit vs. Explicit Slavery

Why Most People Hate Their Jobs

Living On A Keynesian Playground

The Illusion of Retirement

Social Systems

Society As A Force of Nature

Reforming Ant Society: Part 2

Reforming Ant Society: Part 1

Sculpting Nature and Societies

The Nobility of Savagery

The Importance of Purpose and Meaning In Social Models

The Most Precious Resource: Legitimacy

Legitimacy: The Universal Language of Diplomacy


Social Real Estate

Hadrian’s Error

A Shallow Understanding Begets Counter-Intuitive Results

Domitian’s Error

The Social Cost of Pop Music

Extreme Competition Reduces Adaptibility

The System Gets What It Selects For

Innovation As Exception To The Rules

Misery Enablers

The Tao of Dictatorship

Fairness Is Irrelevant on the Macroscale: A Truth of Human Nature

Why The Hippies Failed

A Post-Western Understanding of Social Mechanisms

Sexual Repression and Social Productivity

The Lichen and The Weed

The Inevitability of Orthodoxy

‘Unplanned’ Traits

Selective Pressures, Social Minds, Global Crisis

Traditionalism and the Mind of Society

Superstition and the Mind of Society


Shelters From Planned Obsolescence

Food Commodities vs. Food Products

Objective Cheapness

True and False Pleasures of Life

Breaking The Iron Law: Developing Public Resources

Breaking the Iron Law: A Game of Social Arbitrage

The Illusion of Higher Standards of Living

Social Participation Tax

Supermarkets, The Illusion of Overchoice

Poverty Is Expensive

The Hidden Costs of Material Possessions

The Absolute Value of Material Goods

Beyond Western Thought

Philosophical Shortcomings of the West

Fatal Shortcomings of Enlightenment Thought


A Meritocracy Is Only As Good As What It Rewards

The Laziness of Hard Work

A Post-Western Civilization

Has Your Society Failed You?

How To Break Knowledge Monopolies

A Dark University

Knowledge Monopolies: The University

The Dark State

Technological Minimalism

Reason, Intuition, Instinct

Self Elimination of Ideas

The Bicycle And The Chasm

The Proper Place of Reason

When Should Instinct Be Ignored

Mind, Perception, Consciousness

Lateral Thinking

Is IQ Intelligence?

A Formal Mental Science

Wine Tasting, Empiricism, Perception

Conscious Self As Telemetry System

Driving Lessons For The Vehicle of Consciousness

Continuity of Identity And Freedom

Photography, Transience, Memories

Human Biodiversity

Epigenetic Effects of Malnutrition?

Could An Ancient Slavedriver Provide Better Healthcare Than A Modern Doctor

Human Husbandry

Genetic and Memetic Legacies

Loopholes In Evolution

The Myth of A Constant Humanity


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