Dictionary of Terms

Best Possible Persons
For any given person, those in a society with whom they hold the greatest degree of personal affinity. The larger the society, the higher degree of affinity possible for a tribe of best possible persons.

Collective Checkmate
A social rule enforces itself. Anyone who deviates is met with social censure because anyone who tolerates them will be censured in turn. Each individual is thus a prisoner of the mass.

Iron Law of Wages
The idea that wages adjust to the cost of living. Like any market with supply and demand wages are the lowest amount of money someone is willing/able to accept for a job. This means there will always be a natural minimum wage: It will always bottom out at the minimum amount of money required to eat and purchase a few basic necessities.

Laborers who do just one thing better than anyone else and can’t devote much time towards learning other things if they wish to remain competitive in their niche.
In a society full of micro-specialists, everyone screws everyone else to the detriment of all. No one is equipped to consider a coherent bigger picture or learn skills that allow individuals more control over their lives.

Mind of Society
The way instinctual, irrational decisions of individuals sum up into into logical actions of a society as a whole. Natural selection ensures that the only enduring social bodies have fit, rational social minds.

Social Immunity
To obtain and use social resources in such a way that one escapes from the typical constraints and methods of coercion inherent in a mass society.

SPT – Social Participation Tax
The monetary cost of a society’s mandatory membership criteria.
All the money you wouldn’t spend if you were completely isolated or with a small number people close to you.

Social Real Estate
Any space that serves a socially recognized function.

Technological Minimalism
Applying the most effective technologies in the most efficient possible way. As opposed to usual notions of ‘progress.’


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