Daily Life and Higher Ideas

An effective society unites the details of everyday life with higher ideas.

If our daily actions bear no relation to our intangible founding principles, the higher ideas become mere platitudes.

Higher ideas not corroborated by the mundane experience become hypocrisy.

The mundane unguided by higher ideas becomes pointless and mechanical.

In successful social systems, daily life and idealism feed off of each other and their energy multiplies.

Islam, perhaps better than any other creed, understands the paramount importance of uniting the high and the mundane.
And so long as they are the best at doing this, their formula will prevail wherever in the world they go

Prayer time 5 times a day is one of the masterpieces of Islam. Ordinary people are never allowed the slightest chance to forget the role of abstract guiding principles in their daily lives. The reminders never cease.

Towering minarets that publicly announce the primacy of the faith, whether or not people of different creeds are present make the ultimate statement of dominance.
People, like most social animals, respond well to dominance and perceive anything else as weakness.
People ally with the memes that are strongest. They instinctively choose those that seem most likely to augment their ability to survive and reproduce.

I have long noted that we may know more about someone not by what they say they believe but by how they shop at the grocery store.
Unless our daily habits are consistent with our professed beliefs, we can have no true allegiance to immaterial things.