Sexual Repression And Social Productivity

If the main instinct that spurs men to action is the drive to reproduce, then perhaps competitive societies are those that strategically repress their male populations?

Without easy access to reproduction, perhaps men become like desperate drug addicts looking for the next fix. They will invent anything, build anything, explore anywhere, risk their lives in battle, risk their life savings by starting a business all so they can be recognized by society and become one of the winners.

For the formula to work, I’m supposing the carrot has to be big enough and the stick only as long as it needs to be, to keep that carrot tantalizingly out of reach.
-The rewards must be sufficient and certain (reproduction must be guaranteed in the event of success)
-The goal cannot seem too hopeless or defection seems to be the better option. There
must be well defined routes to success and there must be willingness to accept those who succeed by trying out new routes.

6 responses to “Sexual Repression And Social Productivity

    • Why shouldn’t it?
      Sub-Saharan civilization is much more competitively successful than our own right about now from the biological, Darwinian point of view.

      There’s plenty of African tribes that practice male circumcision just as certain Western and Semitic peoples do. It’s pretty much a way of making masturbation less pleasurable.

      Also look at a marked similarity between Spartan and Zulu warrior cultures.
      Both kept all their young men on the battlefield with the burden of proving themselves and didn’t let them marry until age 30 or so.
      But should those men reach their 30th birthday with honor, their place in society was pretty much assured.

  1. It seems contemporary US society is quite the opposite of what you’re proposing.
    – being financially successful, starting your own business, etc. doesn’t guarantee anything if women think you’re “creepy.” Case in point: white & nerdy
    – More women than men are in college, and chasing careers. Even the hard sciences are increasingly populated with women.
    – Technological innovation seems to be dying, says Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, et al. Everyone is betting on tried and true startup ideas (the next photo/file-sharing app) rather than revolutionary ones.
    The rise in power of women, lack of innovation, inept bureaucracies, all seem to converge into civilizational decline…

    • It’s hard to keep a civilization going if men are not given tangible, reliable incentives.

      You make good points.

      I think the people in the manosphere have noticed some very important and alarming patterns of decline.

  2. You’re right. And feminism serves just this purpose from a social perspective. What kind of men does this society encourage to reproduce? The plain truth is that it’s mostly those who ride on cheap thrills, scheming and manipulating their way through life…and ultimately gaming women, and most probably cheating on the mother of their children. It seems the future of Western society is populated by a slew of con-artists, each looking to hoodwink the next into fulfilling their instinctual pleasures, and not much else.

    On the other hand, there are still decent-natured people out there reproducing in large number (mostly conservative religious types, however twisted their ideology and family structure may seem to modern individualists).

    It’s a tough dilemma…relatively innocent people with a secluded and dogmatic mindset vs. moderately more intelligent goons with a swanky, largely unethical lifestyle. Which serves humanity better 3000 years down the road?

    • A Nash equilibrium is going to establish a certain ideal ratio of jerks to nice guys. But of course societal conditions are going to cause that ratio to shift sharply.
      But in due time, the composition will correct towards that ratio.

      Being a jerk is a good strategy when there’s lots of naive nice guys who are easy to outcompete and exploit. Life is easy then and jerks begin to proliferate in the gene pool.
      But their population plummets again when it hits carrying capacity. It takes more risk, more energy than its worth to outcompete another jerk.
      Other jerks know how to counter schemes and manipulation because they are naturals at it themselves. Mutually destructive zero sum games result.

      Nice guys who cooperate with each other come out ahead. The pendulum shifts…

      Right now conservative religious people are having more kids and raising them to be reproductively successful more reliably then jerks. The present civilizational chaos can only last a generation or two before fundy Christians, Mormons, and Muslims displace the present weak, corrupt, and fractious society.
      Conservative religions have stood the test of time because they are a highly competitive social model.
      The tribal matriarchal stone age societies in the ghettos also easily out-compete the sterile mainstream.

      To those who sing a dirge in honor of the dying society:
      It is a spent force and it is in retreat and decay for good reason.

      To ever have a better society, people will have to design more competitive social models that simultaneously allow a higher human quality of life. This requires the same mentality of objectivity and precision we turn towards science, machines, computers, engineering.
      To leave things to accident, in a state of nature, will most likely get us more of what humanity has already been through ad nauseum.

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