Has Your Society Failed You?

Why do we give our social allegiances as a matter of habit and simple accident of birth?

Surely we should make an assessment as to whether it is in our interests to side with our birth society.
If people were willing to switch societies or to create new ones in the absence of better options, living standards all over the world would have to go up.

States, cultures, societies as we know them are monopolistic in nature. Surely it would be in the interests of the common citizen to undermine these monopolies and create competition.
A capitalism of capitalisms, after a fashion.

Instead of asking “does this society allow me to survive for another day?” why not ask instead “Could I get a better deal?”
This may seem cynical, since we have all been raised on the ideals of nationalism. However, the state, culture, society are made of millions of people at any one time. It can care nothing for your individual interests or dreams. It is up to you to figure out what is best for you.

This seems obvious whenever we go to a car dealership or negotiate salary and benefits for a job. Yet because it is ubiquitous, our surrounding society tends to escape our scrutiny.

What is the state of the present birth culture in the West?

Education: Most of us have to spend 12 years forced into a pointless school system at public expense. Here we’re forced to do repetitive work for no pay. For over a decade. You might have to put in 16 or more years total into education. At the end, there might or might not be employment available.

Employment: Even when you can get it, it means being on someone else’s schedule taking their orders. The choices are between subjugation and starvation.

Economics: Unless you’re in the top 1%. It’s a losing game.

Family: It’s gone nuclear. One parent, a kid, and a dog aren’t a family. Real families are extended families. Without help from extended families, bringing new lives into the world requires a huge effort. Birth rates predictably plummet.

Men: Have become second class citizens but still bear most of the responsibility. Female affluence means that only rich men can hope to meet their expectations. Millions of men are slated for celibacy. Their line ends with them.

Women: Are enjoying enormous status and power. They command the adoration and the resources of society. They can plunder the riches won by men while amassing their own earnings as well. But plunder is not a viable long term system.
More and more are ending up childless. Their line ends with them. No one bothers to let them know: there’s about a decade to decide. Despite all their gains, women are generally less satisfied with life than their grandmothers. Modern society offers them unlimited pleasures, but fails to show the way to a future or a purpose.

Children: Trapped in boring neighborhoods that are as safe and sterile as padded cells. Cut off from the world and put into daycares and schools where society keeps them neatly out of sight until employers have sufficient use for them. This is how our society introduces us to the world and prepares us for adulthood!?

Elderly: Like used up napkins or candy wrappers. The world has no use for them once they can no longer compete.
Even with a generous retirement, many lead lonely pointless lives waiting idly for death.
Their children usually live too far away or are just too busy.
They themselves were too busy to build lasting social relationships while they were working hard for their retirement.

Penal System: A small nation, 3 million people, mostly men are in the United States penal system. There, they consume public funding. Everyone loses except for the prison employees and the companies that get access to this country of captive consumers.

Military: Mostly engages in pointless holding actions in the most remote corners of the earth. Brings no return to society in proportion with the vast sums devoted to it. Soldiers ideal captive consumers for the big brands.
Despite great new technology, effectively impotent. A better informed modern citizenry is going to avoid being used as outright cannon fodder. Result: a fighting force that can’t be used for fighting.

Medicine: So expensive that only the rich can afford it.(not all bad) Even health insurance has become something of a luxury.
Procedures are invasive and often focus on superficial symptoms instead of greater underlying problems.

Uses “fights” against diseases that never seem to go away to get huge amounts of charity money when they’re already loaded with cash.

Pharmaceutical companies routinely take advantage of sick people’s desperate desire to live with expensive pills that have little understood effects on the body.

Big credentials become a way to get perfectly ordinary people to believe they have various made up or exaggerated problems. Purchases of expensive pills ensue.

Lets face it: Your life is in the hands of someone who cares more about your insurance money than your life. Someone who is rewarded every time they find a problem with you and treat it in the most expensive heavy-handed way possible. The incentives do not properly align.

In conclusion:
Wouldn’t you expect to get screwed at a car dealership if you didn’t look out for yourself?
Why do people expect politicians or anyone else to look after them, especially when any one person is an insignificant speck in the system?

There can never be any significant change so long as people passively adhere to whichever society they happened to be born into. Monopolies will always render overpriced, lousy service.

Note: I have created a discussion thread for this post in my forum.
Disagree with me? Do you just love to argue? Have ideas to add? I’ve made a playing field that won’t get crowded as quickly as the comments column.
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8 responses to “Has Your Society Failed You?

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  2. Nice article. Pardon my long-winded contention.
    If there are young men who sign up to be cannon fodder now, there will be later. Information indicating that military could be used as cannon fodder is already quite available. You point out that kids are kept in sterile neighborhoods that hardly meet their needs. Guys need to go be warriors, and that need often resurfaces after long years of repression. As a result of a typically sheltered existence, I see plenty of kids who went marines or army out of high school. I’ve met quite a few that even attended college for a year or so and then dropped out, mystified by their own inability to continue, and then enlisted in the military in order to escape that padded room of their childhood community. I really see the military as a necessary social program that channels that masculine instinct into productive labor.
    Some kids hit the underground. Your life in a boring suburb is much more fun and exciting if you are buying, dealing, growing, or cooking up drugs. You live like that long enough and you stop seeing cookie cutter houses in a row. You see customers, dealers, gang turf, blaze spots, distribution points. Some get in over their heads dealing coke or meth, always packing heat and watching for hypes. Others just make a little money selling weed or shrooms from a spore kit. For some, the entire lifestyle is a “fuck you” to the society that fostered them, a rebellion against their once sheltered existence.
    The military is simply an institution that lets off steam.

    • Look at past wars and look at the present one.
      Imagine single battles in Iraq and Afghanistan with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of casualties. Furthermore: graphic depictions of these events appear on the evening news and on youtube….
      Let’s face it: the cannon fodder just isn’t as crunchy as it used to be.

      Yeah, I agree, males need to go out, take risks and be independent. But I might have doubts as to whether the military is the best place for that. Especially for enlisted types, they’re going to have every aspect of their life determined by authority figures, same as when they lived with their parents. Maybe even more so!
      There’s types of people who really thrive on this structure and become productive citizens when they get out.
      But there’s also people who end up stunted from years of just following orders while their contemporaries were out in the wide world learning to take care of themselves and developing as individuals.

      You are insightful to refer to military as a ‘social program’ rather than a ‘defensive force’ or whatever else we usually call it.
      Truly it has a lot of similarities to government support or welfare programs. It provides a livable wage and a chance to participate in society for hundreds of thousands of young people who would otherwise be minimally employable and causing trouble.

      And that brings up the “letting off steam” part. Military actions are very often are simply the result of national leaders trying desperately to distract the populace from domestic problems. And likewise, the military, very like the prison system keeps large quantities of men under close control and supervision.
      And don’t forget the corporations: Soldiers are captive consumers just as are prisoners or students.

    • Yes, wrecking all the sacred cows is discouraging and depressing at first. That’s why most people will never have the fortitude to face certain realities and unravel all the implications.

      But if we have the strength to face the truth, the way is open to a new optimism.
      Once you let go of the lies we were taught from childhood, you can start to perceive a world full of opportunity that we never noticed while trying to desperately cling to the old order.

      Though I spend a great deal of this blog challenging sacred beliefs of the orthodoxy, I also make suggestions about what sort of philosophy we might use to replace the present, failed system.

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