What are apologetics?:
An entire legal code and philosophical tradition devoted to protecting an idea from harsh truths and uncertainty.
One scholar after another finds clever loopholes, never appreciating the irony that a supposedly self evident idea must be justified by sleight of hand.

Truly, a system that relies on apologetics has already failed.

3 responses to “Apologetics

  1. No that clever, either.

    I have at one time studied a lot of Christian and Jewish apologetics, and lost respect for both sides. It always ends up requiring dishonesty. I think… it need not, but that would mean upping their game several notches.

    • I guess apologetics usually refers to religions, but I see it as a method by which many ideologies, religious or otherwise are defended from criticism.

      Theism or atheism
      Abortion or not abortion.
      Sunni or Shia.
      Business owners or employees.
      Whatever it is.

      Both sides tend to rely on reductio ad absurdum arguments based on premises the other side does not agree with!
      Both sides stretch the limits of ideas by proposing increasingly bizarre ethical quandaries:

      I.e. If you can abort a baby based on its inability to be fully conscious, why is it wrong to kill someone who’s sleeping?
      If you can’t abort a baby, should a doctor who accidentally kills an egg while fertilizing in vitro be charged with murder or manslaughter?

      Both parties are trapped. Anti-abortion has to avoid admitting that they don’t really believe a freshly fertilized egg is equivalent to the life of an adult human.
      Pro-abortion can’t possibly argue that it’s ethical to terminate a human life based on lack of consciousness alone.

      The solution: Apologetics.
      Endless countermeasures to keep the ethical equations balanced. ‘Cause if you don’t … congrats, you’re unethical. You end up with an ideological arms race.

      One of my personal favorites is the 20th century’s more compassionate explanation of (Christian)hell.
      Q: How can a loving infallible creator condemn someone with a finite record of sin to infinite punishment.
      A: God doesn’t punish them. By sinning people choose to separate themselves from God. Hell therefore is something people
      do to themselves. Why doesn’t God lend a hand and help them back in the right direction? That would be interfering with their free will of course and he can’t do that now can he?

      At some point you have to observe the nature of the actual universe and make a decision based on your observations.
      For more in this vein: The Tao of Dictatorship

  2. It is not nice of the Christian God to impose rules that can lead to damnation.
    Or maybe Christians themselves will burn in hell.

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