We Are Allowed To Exist Only So Long As We Are Useful

Builds Upon: Human Husbandry

In 19th century Scotland there was a series of infamous events known as the Highland Clearances. To tell it very simply, sheep became a more valuable asset than people. The people had to go. No hard work or determination could have saved the peasantry. All the economic incentives pointed towards sheep.

Within a couple of generations, entire regions of the Highlands had been emptied of people. Many of these once populated regions are empty to this day, serving as hunting reserves for the rich.

In our own times, people are just not as useful as they used to be unless they can be considered ‘skilled’. Only a few people are skilled.

People clamor for employment in our times but they make the assumption that it is in the interest of decision makers to create employment.

We should never forget the frailty of our wellbeing. In the tally of a mass society, whether we consider ourselves great or small, we are but numbers in a ledger. If we collectively fail to yield sufficient profitability it’s just a matter of time before we too are cleared away and relegated to the history books. There is nothing sure about our future.

In a mass society that can care nothing for individuals and communities, devoid of higher purpose, driven only by capital gain, there is no reason to suppose that we are guaranteed continued existence let alone a decent existence.

The right incentives have only to come into alignment to spell the end of spontaneous human societies. It is but a matter of time before competing nobles allow only the most useful, pleasing, and/or loyal strains of human to breed. Thus humans would be steadily replaced with sheep. This time once and for all.


One response to “We Are Allowed To Exist Only So Long As We Are Useful

  1. That is quite an analogy. But a world of ‘sheep’ would be so boring! But on a more serious note, what is the way out? I would like it to be a re-balancing of demand and supply. But can we really stop people from consuming more than they create? Can we forcefully control what people produce, consume, waste? Can we control distribution of resources? Can we stop the population from expanding? No. Ask China.

    We can say that ‘human husbandry’ is not ethical, but is any human action that? We are always competing – from the day we are born. We can carry out ‘animal husbandry’ because we ‘humans’ are superior to ‘cattle’. Profit is the only motive. Then, why not ‘human husbandry’? After all, those who are and will continue to do it, aren’t they ‘superior’ to the masses! But who said life was fair! That’s the egalitarian view, which we want actualized when we see a rich/successful/privileged man, and which we want to bust when we see a poor/loser/underprivileged scrounging off our money!

    ‘Survival of the fittest’ is ancient; the new code is ‘survival of the meekest’ – So inevitably, the only decision we can make is: should I remain human and embrace my end my way before it is forced, or should I change into a sheep? I would go for the former, though.

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