Misery Enablers

Builds Upon: Technological Minimalism

How long could a repressive modern society last without alcohol to calm its citizens?

If we were asked today why our quality of life is better than in ancient times, a regular person would start with items such as basic sanitation, democracy….and so on.
Soon thereafter would come television, professional sports, movies, porn, video games. What do we have that ancient people in small villages did not? We have entertainment!

At least we have innumerably greater options for entertainment than did ancient people. Isn’t this a good thing if it makes our lives more bearable when things get bad?

Consider that a civilization will extend and then overextend itself as far as possible…

Do all of a society’s approved drugs and diversions improve quality of life or do they merely allow people to tolerate a progressively more frantic, hollow, repressive existence?
Perhaps life becomes more repressive as increasingly advanced distractions make the misery bearable. If the populace can be squeezed harder without producing any widespread discontent, why not?

Thus, the diversions that are introduced as improvements end up instead as misery enablers.


3 responses to “Misery Enablers

    • Indeed it would. Once people start adopting an enabler, choosing not to adopt it becomes an increasingly less feasible option. Who can afford to be at a competitive disadvantage? Sort of a slippery slope is it not?

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