Best Possible Persons

In my previous post I addressed a dilemma: The concept of a nation state no longer has the same ideological appeal and the family is rapidly decaying.  Now what?

There’s lots of people who bemoan the present situation and advocate a return to ‘traditional values.’  It is silly, however, to think that it is possible to go back.  Every society is a product of the conditions of its times.  The conditions that influence societies have changed.

What does not occur to most people: that these seemingly dark times will give rise to something better than we had before.

In short people need belonging and meaning.  If the state and family can no longer reliably fulfill these needs, people will do whatever is necessary to find another way.

In an age of mass communication, people will inevitably find ways to group together by every conceivable interest and similarity.  In any given group of people, there will be those who are the most compatible relative to all others.  For all of human history, we’ve only been able to choose from a handful of people we could meet face to face.  Now, we can find those persons who most correlate with us and join with them.

Over time, we have an entirely new social unit, a sort of tribe of ‘best possible persons.’  Throughout human history, the social units of family, clan, tribe, nation have all been based on accident of birth.  Our new society will see the emergence of social units based on shared interests, shared values and objectives, as well as ideal chemistry in interpersonal interactions.  Since groups function as more than the sum of their parts these highly cohesive groups would be quite powerful.  As such they would have the potential to replace existing structures.

People need not form such association deliberately, nor is extraordinary to believe that such a thing will happen.  In our face to face lives, we readily notice that professions and bars both attract very specific kinds of persons.  When people are forced to reach out through mass communication to find gathering places, the exact same phenomenon will manifest, naturally on a massive scale.  Because it will be on a massive scale, people will have much higher odds of finding those with whom they have extremely close correlation of interests and values.

For example:  Let’s think of a biker bar.  They all like Harleys.  Now lets assume there’s a million bikers.  The larger quantity of bikers triggers increasingly greater subtelty in distinguishing characteristics.  Soon we have a bar for bikers who like Harleys and whose favorite movie is ‘Love, Actually’ and then another bar opens for bikers who love Harley Davidson, ‘Love, Actually’ , and Barney the Purple dinosaur… And so on.

If we envision a venn diagram of all our traits, values, and preferences then we would suppose that the larger the sample size, the larger the probability of people falling in the central region where all characteristics overlap.  Mass communication allows a very large sample size.  At this point it has not yet become easy for anyone to find the ‘best possible people’ amidst this chaotic crowd.  However, even now on the net, one can go through a lengthy process of moving up through progressively more specific biker bars until one finally finds themselves in the company of the best possible people.

23 responses to “Best Possible Persons

  1. There’s another factor, however: while Internet relationships are easy to form, they are also easy to break. It requires stern determination and years of consistent self-presentation to build up a long contact list.

    Suppose a middle-class kid listens to goth music, gets a degree in finance, can’t get a job and tries to survive on part-time teaching jobs. He won’t have much help from the Internet.

    Someone who presents himself as a goth for two years, then as a banker for four years, then as an unemployed teacher for two years will not end up with any reliable friends.

    Local communities are going to be very important. I have many disagreements with Kievsky, the “mindweapon” guy, but I think he’s correct when he says that local communities must be built up.

    • I think internet communities are still in a nascent stage. It’s just a matter of time before we’ll see ‘tighter’ organizations online. Eventually, people will have more loyalty to these new organizations than to any state.
      You’re right, the internet isn’t enough to foster real bonds of communal loyalty but I can only imagine that more and more members of online tribes will start interacting face-to-face.

      I just looked up Kievsky’s posts where he explains his concept of mindweapons and there are some startling parallels between his ideas and mine. Thanks for the lead.

      He seems endlessly fixated on blaming Blacks and Jews for every conceivable problem but his overall ‘mindweapon’ concept is right on: Western Civilization requires a purpose engine, a true source of identity or else it will continue to sink into a nihilistic mire of pointlessness and despair.

      I’ve found repeatedly that I actually share a lot of ideas with White Nationalists.
      But I think they err by worshipping an idealized past rather than looking to a future.

      Furthermore, though I’m mostly Celtic and Northern European by blood, I’m more Mediterranean in my personal appearance and temperament. People always ask if I’m Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, or Turkish.
      From what I’ve recently learned of my family history, a significant dollop of Native American blood might explain my high cheekbones and olive complexion.

      I’ve limited sympathy with WNs because rigid, nervous, hard-working Germano-types sometimes test my patience. Why don’t they relax?
      There’s times I’ve gotten along better with laid back Mexicans than with conscientious Anglo-Saxons.

      • WN’s have so many contradictions I can’t even begin to take them seriously. I’m obviously biased, as I am Ashkenazic Jew by blood, so meh. It’s sort of like Marxism, they are good at pointing at flaws in their host society, but when they try to create solutions or point out specific groups they lose all touch with reality.

        Their integration with Christianity has ensured they carry a lot of feminized ideals into their thinking. They do their very best to take all of the blame off of white women for miscegenation, trying to blame the Jooos and Blacks for their own indiscretions.

        Did your significant other skip birth control because she wanted children and now you’re divorced and stuck footing the bill? Rejoice, you have spread the great white legacy. Don’t want to raise a family? Man up. Take one for team whitey.

        White Knight Nationalism:

        And the Genotyping for who is “white”, don’t even get me started 😛

  2. They break up easy because they are built on superficial wedge issues, not fundamental human needs. Making a bond is a lot deeper than just mirroring (Wow, I have shoes just like those at home, let’s fuck!), there’s more work than that. It’s easier to use the internet to create a celebrity status, as a writer, poet, musician, ect and have that carry over distance than it is to try to manage relationships online.

    The endgame is still a community though, there are too many other needs that require warm intelligent bodies.

    • You make a good point. My analogy here could be somewhat superficial and misleading.

      This is not to say that all people who like velcro-fastened Converse shoes will all get together and fuck.

      But I do predict that a combination of personalities that fit together increasingly well will converge into the tiny overlap area on our Venn diagram.
      Should a significant portion of these people start establishing closer – possibly even face to face relationships, we have ourselves a tribe.

      Already, the members of guilds on MMO servers sometimes form associations in RL.

  3. “WN’s have so many contradictions I can’t even begin to take them seriously. I’m obviously biased, as I am Ashkenazic Jew by blood.”

    Somewhere(maybe on IMF) I saw someone really put the WN attitude towards Jews in perspective.

    If WNs believe that the world should be a meritocracy: Let the smartest, most civilized, most organized, strongest people win…

    Why should they be upset if Ashkenazim keep coming out on top of the heap?

    But no, the Jews aren’t real or rightful winners of this competition, they only make it to the top because they’re ‘clever.’

    • ‘the Jews aren’t real or rightful winners of this competition, they only make it to the top because they’re ‘clever.’’

      There are two distinct claims that you’re conflating:

      1 – The Pollard Talent – Jews are the world’s best spies, i.e. they’re “clever” at spying, but only pseudo-clever at other things.

      2 – The Shockley Hypothesis – Non-Jewish Whites have “scientific creativity” which others do not have to the same extent.

      Both of these exclude the far more important claims:

      3 – The Yellow Abacus Phenomenon: East Asians are even smarter than Jews at science and math;


      4 – The Ramanujan Didacticism: South Asians appear to be able to be intelligent in ways that IQ testing doesn’t measure well, but can be proven by observing their dominance of math and technology.

      So when WNs complain that Jews aren’t the real winners, they are talking about the Pollard Talent. They claim that the real test of intelligence is not the kind of test that Jews have dominated.

      I tend to come at it from a different angle – I think I’ll live long enough to see East Asians dominate science, at which point they will no doubt write a few books explaining that the Jews and the Whites were both stupid compared to the Yellows. I think South Asia will similarly rise, but will take more time. These predictions do not often find a receptive audience among WNs.

      • In general the whole ‘clever’ gimmick is about saving face.
        The implicit argument is that the Jews somehow ‘cheated’ and therefore their repeated ascendancy wherever in the world they move doesn’t count.

        The performance of Levantine Semites has certainly been impressive worldwide whether we speak of Jews wherever they go, Lebanese in Mexico, or Syrians in Argentina.

      • ‘the Jews somehow ‘cheated’ and therefore their repeated ascendancy wherever in the world they move doesn’t count.’

        The economic ascendancy of a Bernie Madoff is slightly different than the economic ascendancy of a Henry Ford.

      • Yes, they like to argue that Jews are parasite bankers while White people work hard to build civilizations.

        What if we instead compared Albert Einstein with Henry Ford?
        The trouble is that while bankers may be disproportionately Jewish, Jews are over-represented in pretty much any field that involves thinking or creativity.
        From theater to theoretical physics one sees lots of Jewish people.
        Hell, isn’t a lot of Blizzard’s creative team Jewish?

        In any case if disproportionately represented Jews in finance and the entertainment industry are routinely able to outmaneuver everyone else to benefit their community over others, why is it just being ‘clever’ as opposed to simply being superior?
        That’s why in this case I find WN thought to be inconsistent.

        After all don’t their objections towards Jews mirror the objections of black people towards whites?
        Groups like the Nation of Islam resorted to the very same ‘they’re just clever’ argument.

  4. Giovanni : ‘The performance of Levantine Semites has certainly been impressive worldwide whether we speak of Jews wherever they go, Lebanese in Mexico, or Syrians in Argentina.’

    Eric: ‘I’m obviously biased, as I am Ashkenazic Jew by blood, so meh. ‘

    I’ve read a lot of things that indicate that Ashkenazi aren’t very Semitic. Some of them may have some Levantine-Semitic genes, but that’s not their predominant genetic ancestry.

    Incidentally, eric, I value your contributions, and if my comments sound off-putting or unbecoming, let me know.

    Also, Jewish performance is inflated by converts like Robert Putnam, who had no Jewish ancestry, but who joined up because he felt it was what he wanted to do.

    • I’ve been saying ‘Ashkenazim’ a lot because Jews from other places don’t seem to have the same edge.
      Whatever their ethnic mixture, their community strongly selected for high IQ.
      Like the Parsees, they spent generations as specialists in cerebral trades.

      I imagine eric has a pretty thick skin by now if he’s been hanging out around the manosphere. He seems pretty familiar with WN stuff already and doesn’t seem like he really cares about them.

  5. Haha, I buy advertising on the WN-supporting sites xD

    The selection for the Ashekenazi has been doubled because they tended to be limited to cerebral niches that the host society couldn’t fill, the ones who were dumb had very small families if they bred at all. And then, every time a society cracked down on Jews, whether by killing them or just destroying their source of wealth, only the smartest and craftiest tended to survive. The Holocaust and Russian Pogroms are only recent examples.

    They never had the tools to fight a face to face war and win. Also, you really can’t expect to horde food and money while people are starving without being targeted by your society. That’s why survivalists are just making themselves more vulnerable in the long run. If society does collapse, there will always be people who can out-breed you, starving or not. The solution must be integrated into society.

    They also have a statistically relevant rate of metabolic/neurological diseases:

    There have been conflicts between the Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Oriental Jews for a long time, the Ashkenazi tend to privately disregard the others for not being European enough in culture and politics, though not as much anymore because of Political Correctness.

    This was a big problem when Israel was first created and the other Jews came flooding in. They designed an affirmative action program for non-Ashkenazi to try to help them get a leg up because Ashekenazim dominated almost all forms of social, commercial and political power. It’s results were mixed, Sephardi are still claiming that school admissions and the like are biased.

    In Germany, around 30% of Ashekenazim are Blond. My great grand mother still blamed the “fucking desert niggers” instead of Hitler (he had ridiculous Charisma) for us getting kicked out of Germany and having to convert to super devout Baptist (See! Look at how German we are! We’re just like you!) to be welcomed into a German-American town. Again, always behind closed doors. I think most of the people that held this opinion are probably dead anyway.

    “The interesting question, to my mind, is whether Jews like Alan Greenspan, Ayn Rand, etc. will be able to outcompete East Asians like Matsushita Konosuke and South Asians like Lakshmi Mittal.”

    To be fair, Ayn was mentally ill woman with a fetish for serial killers. That bitch was crazy. Greenspan is an ideologue but with enough experience to be apt (though managing an analyst unit is not as good as actually running a corporation). What about comparing them to other Entrepreneurs? Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Paul Allen, Peter Theil, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Lawrence Ellison, ect…

    Unfortunately most of the Silicone Valley and Wall Street thinkers/innovators are now old men stuck in their ways. The reliance on social/economic models that have been disproven combined with their reliance on venture capital have made them less likely to be relevant in the coming decades.

    • I think people go astray trying to define the European Jews when they focus on ethnicity.

      As Zhai pointed out, smart and successful goyim have been drawn to the Jewish tradition.

      Meanwhile, Jews who weren’t good at cerebral trades perhaps didn’t die off so much as they dropped out of Judaism.

      Thus, we might think of European Judaism almost as more of a social movement with eugenic tendencies than an ethnicity.

      There’s little doubt that a significant amount of the semitic stock remains however.
      There are some stereotypes about Jewish appearance for a reason. People like Ray Kurzweil, Henry Kissinger, Jeff Goldblum, or Sarah Jessica Parker for that matter have a distinct look. The first thing people always talk about is the nose and the shape of the mouth.
      Besides that, the skin tends to have a slightly olive cast.
      The women especially seem to have narrower faces and just seem smaller-boned in general.
      Jewish men, especially as they approach middle age are known for having particularly dark and dense facial hair, so much so that we see a space Jew in the Star Wars prequels who comes complete with black unkempt stubble running all the way down his neck.
      I’d suppose Jews are also a little bit shorter than full blooded Europeans on average.

      And sign #1, the one that makes people ask even if someone has blonde(Gene Wilder) or flaming red hair(Zuckerberg): Extremely tight curls. Better known as the Jewfro.

      Isn’t silicon(e) valley somewhere in Hollywood?

      Plenty of normal women have a serial killer fetish. Shows like Dexter are pretty much soft core female porn. Not to mention that characters like Hannibal Lecter are portrayed in a darkly erotic way. In the books, Jodie Foster’s character actually runs off with him!

      So long as Jewish IQ remains constant, they should certainly produce new, competitive generations to replace their old men. However, aren’t Jews in America marrying a lot outside their group now? I’d suppose it’s quite possible most of them are marrying high IQ women anyway but one wonders if some of them are bringing bimbos into the bloodline.

  6. Liberalism and Tolerance have replaced Judaism as the orthodox religion. I don’t know what the numbers are, but I seriously doubt they will add up to anything good.

      • Yeah, the HBD crew. Essentially they’re afraid of being afraid of living in a nation of violent, pissed off low IQ tribalists and tired of politically correct attitudes. That’s the common thread. They are somewhat reactionary in their solutions but they consider themselves to be “white”. Though I can’t say for certain if they have fully accounted for the technological changes society is undergoing.

        In general, the smarter and more educated a woman is (as Heartiste/Roissy as mentioned), the more likely she will be “independent” and slutty. They will screw off their child bearing years, making it impossible to get anything other than a cat by the time they are ready to settle down. At best you end up with some single moms in their 30’s having a kid as a lifestyle option because it makes her feel better. It’s not the best of situations for preserving and enhancing genetic power.

        The tolerance patrol has gotten away with more and more censorship, more forced inequality, more surveillance, and the right to freely imprison and kill US civilians. What was conspiracy 10 years ago is now law. The concept of citizenship and the rights that come with it have lost all meaning.

        There’s a few that have already come out as Jews (along with several of the MRM guys):

  7. Genetic Engineering is the potential deus ex machina to the problem, though a significant minority of the work is being funded by, researched by and done on Ashekenazim because of their intelligence and genetic homogeneity. A fairly small population is capable of advancing scientific work like never before, more so every decade.

    God only knows the metaphysical implications of altering the endocrine system. How much of the awareness is molded by the body?

    • And from this we might see one of the most important struggles in human history. A struggle over who gets the power to choose what traits are desirable and which not for a new human race.

      The trouble with genetic engineering is that any given person will try to engineer a human race that suits their interests in one way or another.

      For awhile the establishment has managed to ignore the issue but this is just a delay as certain technologies mature.

      What exactly do you allude to with your mention of the endocrine system? Are you talking about changing humanity by regulating hormones in some way?

      • An explosion of novelty. Women combined with culture and chance have been the gatekeepers to our genetic destiny for so long, and they do such a poor job at it when left to their own devices. We might have to work out habituation satellites just to keep the dangerous bio-tech separated from the earth biosphere.

        re: endocrine system

        Dora van Gelder worked with Shafica Karagulla on medical clairvoyance. One of the things they noticed was that when viewing from the etheric level was that an individual that had a portion of their brain removed, or endocrine glands removed, it would effect the energy field or create a hollow spot in that area. The endocrine glands are associated with the chakras.

        This doesn’t mean that the gland is the sole creator of that field (the field is still an amalgamation of many things even at the etheric level it seems), there are many layers of the onion that have not been peeled back and studied, but it is food for thought.

        Interestingly enough, there isn’t a documented case I know of where energy healing was capable of curing a genetic disorder like Down Syndrome. Most of “healing work” is simply a person adding or subtracting values in the system without changing the blueprint.

      • Right. Women as the default gatekeepers is probably nearing its historical end because their selection protocols are so far beyond obsoletion that it can no longer be ignored.
        Also, the amount of power in controlling the future of the human race is simply too great to resist.
        The rewards for the powers that manage it first are incalculable.
        Where women fail as custodians of the human race, competition will manifest and take over.

        And with a change like this, we’re not talking ‘progress’ as usual, we’re talking a complete game changer.
        We’d pretty much become a new species overnight.

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